Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pyramid Lake fishing report 2-13-14

 Bill with a great fish!!

 13 pounder!

A 17 pound giant about to be released...

Close up of a 16.5 pound cuttie...

Fishing at the Desert Lake is still hit or miss. It seems that there is one or two good days a week followed by lots of very slow days. There are still some great fish being landed as these pics show and if you are there when it goes off it can be epic! Midges seem to have taken over for the balanced leech as the top producer. Dark midges mostly but red still seems to get a grab or two.

The recent heavy rain in the Truckee River Basin brought some much needed fresh water to the lake and muddied up the south end for a few days, but that has cleared up now. The best fishing days are when the wind is blowing out of the southeast, but it is a crap shoot right now.

We are all looking forward to more consistent fishing as spring draws near!

We still have some space available for the Spring Clinic April 19th. Give me a call for more info. 530 414 1655

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