Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wind and Rain

Another powerful storm is plowing into the Northern Sierra's this morning with very strong winds and heavy rain.We need the rain but I could do without the wind!

The general trout season opened on Saturday,but due to some familial issues I was unable to fish.My thoughts on this coming season are that the streams and rivers will fish well into late summer before succumbing to warm and low water conditions.Runoff is starting in earnest and will take the rivers out of shape for at least 2-3 weeks.I am looking forward to the Grey Drake hatch on the streams here in the Sierra Valley and the blood midge hatch on Lake Davis.

As of this writing the ice has come off of Davis and it is fishing pretty well for false spawners in the inlets,if that is your game.Fish are also being found along the eastern shore.Small buggers,sheeps creeks,wiggle tails and green hornets are producing fish.Midges and PT's under an indicator are also producing quality fish in the 16-18" range.Lake levels are fairly low as of today but that will change as snowmelt fills the lake.

The Lakes Basin is covered in a thick blanket of snow and will be a while before the lakes are accessible for fly fishers.The Middle Fork of the Feather is high and cold but fish can be found in the upper reaches above Portola.As the water warms with the weather look for carp tailing in the shallows or sucking bugs near the weedbeds.Largemouth bass will be eating poppers on the surface and other large offerings in the weeds near the lilly pads.

I am looking forward to warmer weather and great fishing!See you all on the water!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Home Again

After a whirlwind trip to Bozeman over the weekend I am home and sick.Figures that I would get sick on my long drive home.I spent the past 2 days in bed but was able to rally this morning and got my ass to class.Should I have stayed home?YES,but a midterm review in my hardest course was mandatory so...

Thinking back on my Montana experience one thing stands out.Montana is the most beautiful place that I have ever visited.Huge mountains and rivers and hard fighting wild fish!What more can a fly fisher ask for?

The folks at Simms Fishing Products put on a great event for us guides.The highlight for me was the Marketing seminar that was a roundtable with Eric Adams from Montana Fly Fishing Guides llc (http://www.montanaflyfishingguides.com/) and Dan "Rooster" Leavins from Stonefly Inn and Outfitters (http://www.thestoneflyinn.com/) and one other outfitter whos name escapes me at this time.Eric and Rooster had lots of great info and even had the time after the seminar to talk to me in person and share some more marketing ideas.Thanks guys you rock!!

I did get a chance to fish a bit but only landed one small rainbow on the lower Madison.I was humbled by the upper Madison where a combination of laziness and frustration led to lost fish and broken off fish.I hate breaking off fish!!I guess I better elaborate...After fishing dries for a bit with one solid hookup I decided to switch over to nymphing.As I unwound my nymph leader I got in a hurry and created a royal mess.The 10 second rule took over and I had to scrap the whole leader.Looking through my fanny pack I realized that I left a major component of my rigging back in the truck so I decided to use my tapered 5x dry fly leader.This worked ok at first until I hooked into a hot fish that promptly broke me off.After retieing again another fish broke me off.By this point I was hot under the collar but it didn't matter as my cutoff time had come.I had to start for home .The lesson I learned (that I already know) is be prepared for any kind of fishing condition that you may come across.I was unprepared and paid the price!The drive back to California was uneventful and became routine after leaving the beauty of Montana behind.I know I will visit there again someday and I hope it is sooner rather than later!
I need to say a quick thanks to the wonderful people at Simms Fishing Products for their continued support of fly fishing professionals and for the great products that they produce!Thanks Simms!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

A long ways from home...

After what has seemed like a long season at Pyramid I packed the truck and headed for Montana.13 hours on the road and I have arrived at my destination,Bozeman.I am here to attend the inaugural Ice Out event being hosted by Simms Fishing Products,a three day event with filled with seminars and fishing.I am most interested in the seminars about marketing and building relationships in the fly fishing industry but I definitely will be fishing the Gallatin River and possibly the Madison.It should be a fun 3 days!

The drive through Idaho was interesting although boring at times.As I crossed the border into Montana the terrain changed a bit becoming more mountainous.The western edge of Yellowstone is stunning in its beauty and I was awestruck by the Gallatin Mts.Well, its time to attend a happy hour event so I'll post more about my Montana adventure at a later date.