Friday, April 16, 2010

A long ways from home...

After what has seemed like a long season at Pyramid I packed the truck and headed for Montana.13 hours on the road and I have arrived at my destination,Bozeman.I am here to attend the inaugural Ice Out event being hosted by Simms Fishing Products,a three day event with filled with seminars and fishing.I am most interested in the seminars about marketing and building relationships in the fly fishing industry but I definitely will be fishing the Gallatin River and possibly the Madison.It should be a fun 3 days!

The drive through Idaho was interesting although boring at times.As I crossed the border into Montana the terrain changed a bit becoming more mountainous.The western edge of Yellowstone is stunning in its beauty and I was awestruck by the Gallatin Mts.Well, its time to attend a happy hour event so I'll post more about my Montana adventure at a later date.


  1. Southern Idaho is a bit boring. I don't suppose you had the time to visit Shoshone Falls in Twin? It's a pretty spectacular site, and definitely worth the 30 minute side trip. This is a good time of year too.

  2. Jay----Have some fun! I'll look forward to your report on this event. I too was invited but I got some trade some trade and needed the $$$. John Roberts wanted to split expenses and do some fishing...I was tempted. You'll see him there with Genny...more pleasant to look at than I.

    The Madison below the canyon should have a pretty good BWO ahcth right now.

    Uncle Frank (McKurtis call me that)