Friday, January 31, 2014

Pyramid Lake Clinic April 19 2014

 Mugshot of a 11.5# Pilot Peak male

I am pleased to announce that Doug Ouellette (master guide and designer of the "original" Popcorn Beetle) and I will be conducting a clinic at Pyramid Lake on April 19. We will cover access, equipment, stripping and nymphing techniques including indicator(bobber) and no cator, rigging, flies, what beaches to fish, and a whole lot more. This clinic is sure to sell out quickly. Contact myself or Doug( to book your spot.

Pyramid is kicking out some amazingly large fish this season and this clinic will help shorten the learning curve and build skills to get into the monsta's. Lookout for more details in the next few days.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

A couple of good days...

After getting beaten down at Pyramid recently, I was able to experience a couple of decent days in a row netting 7 fish each day with the biggest around 9 pounds. The only thing that changed was the wind. A southeast wind around 10mph had the waves going and fish were responding. It was a great reminder of what this lake is like when it is on.

Here are a few pics from a guide trip last weekend. Fishing was tough but the clients were fantastic and we shared lots of laughs in the sand.

 Clay with his first cutthroat.

 Casting at Sand Hole Beach

 Wading an unnamed beach near Cattle Guard

Tools of the trade

 Will with a Cui-ui

 Good morning from Pyramid Lake!

The happy anglers.

With an actual storm on the horizon the fishing should improve somewhat. Water temperatures are in the low 40's and the fish are a bit lethargic but when the wind produces some wave action the fish definitely respond in a favorable way. Hot flies this week were the Popcorn beetle, black wooly buggers, rootbeer and Trojan midges. Fish were in decent numbers at the N Nets with a couple of big fish in the mix. Reports from the southern end of the lake indicate continued slow fishing there, but the chance at a real trophy still exists.

I have some availabilty so if you are looking for guide service give me a call at 530 414 1655

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Real Trophy

The fishing has slowed to a crawl at Pyramid, but my good buddy Rich Moomaw tied into a real bruiser of a cutthroat at Pyramid the other day. His only hooked fish of the day.

Rich was fishing a Moomidge (available from The Fly Shop in Redding) about 21' under a breakaway indicator in 33' of water when this 21# fish took his fly. After a lengthy battle, this fish was corralled in a net that barely contained it. Pics were taken and the fish released to fight another day! Man what a fish!!

Shore fishing is very slow and some fish are being caught by fishers in tubes. Hopefully things pick up soon.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

More from Pyramid

 10.5# LCT

11# LCT

 A small but colorful Summit Lake strain fish

 Hook jawed 13# LCT

Weighing a 15.5# LCT in the net

 An 11.5# LCT

This fish was as long as my leg! 34" 17# behemoth!

 16# LCT

An incredible sunrise!

Fishing at Pyramid has entered into a typical winter pattern. Slow fishing with 1-5 fish a day being caught. 1 fish being good and 5 being great. With that said, we are seeing some exceptional fish being landed both on midges and stripping buggers and beetles. Large fish are being caught all over the lake with no one area being better. Cloudy days with some wind and choppy water seems to produce best but I have landed nice fish under calm conditions with bright overhead sun. The key is to fish patterns that you are confident in and heavy tippets and to keep your fly in the water. People do have a tendency to move around a bunch if they don't catch fish right away. I suggest sticking with a spot all day as you never know when fish will come by or hit a couple of spots.