Saturday, January 11, 2014

More from Pyramid

 10.5# LCT

11# LCT

 A small but colorful Summit Lake strain fish

 Hook jawed 13# LCT

Weighing a 15.5# LCT in the net

 An 11.5# LCT

This fish was as long as my leg! 34" 17# behemoth!

 16# LCT

An incredible sunrise!

Fishing at Pyramid has entered into a typical winter pattern. Slow fishing with 1-5 fish a day being caught. 1 fish being good and 5 being great. With that said, we are seeing some exceptional fish being landed both on midges and stripping buggers and beetles. Large fish are being caught all over the lake with no one area being better. Cloudy days with some wind and choppy water seems to produce best but I have landed nice fish under calm conditions with bright overhead sun. The key is to fish patterns that you are confident in and heavy tippets and to keep your fly in the water. People do have a tendency to move around a bunch if they don't catch fish right away. I suggest sticking with a spot all day as you never know when fish will come by or hit a couple of spots.


  1. Holy shazizle, were those all caught on the same trip?

  2. They were caught over 3 days.

  3. Thats outstanding, slow my &$$! Good for you guys.