Monday, December 16, 2013

Pyramid Lake

 A few midges on the drying rack...

 A 10# fish caught on a Trojan midge

 An 8# fish being released...
Red skies at dawn...

Pyramid has been fishing very well for December with a number of big fish being caught. Midges are still producing nicely. Beetles and buggers are working as well. I've been spending most of my time on the southern beaches with good access to deeper water but have also done fairly well at the North Nets. There are quite a few anglers out this year on the weekends but the weekdays are pretty quiet. Get out and fish!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Recent outings

 A nice Lake Davis fish...
A sweet MF Feather rainbow
 Casting to a sweet run on the Truckee
 Deep wading and casting to picky trout on the MF Feather
 Nymph box
 A nice Truckee 'bow
 Pocket water producing!
 Chunky Davis fish
 All smiles on a chilly fall day
 Father and son
Killer Truckee 'bow
 A nice one from the MF Feather
 Camp on the Klamath River
 Yummy bourbon
 The chariot awaits
 Bear Track beach
 Klamath River dry fly eating half pounder steelhead
Hooked up to a hot fish on a great riffle on the Klamath.

Fall fishing has been fantastic in the Northern Sierra. Lake Davis has been hit or miss but when its on its been very good. Sheep Creek Specials have been my go to fly here. The MF Feather has been good with fish eating a variety of presentations. I'm still fishing dry dropper rigs mostly but have had a few dry fly opportunities lately as well.

I spent a week chasing steelhead on the Klamath River with good results. Its looking like a great steelhead season is upon us!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A few pics from recent outings

 Graham with a nice Truckee River Rainbow caught on the Pink Squirrel

 Released to fight another day

 Will get after it on the MF Feather!

 Toby fighting a tough wild MF Feather rainbow

 Sweet Truckee rainbow! at first sight!

 First trout on a fly rod.

 Laura getting a nice drift on the LT

Laura with a great first fish on a fly rod on the LT.

Fall fishing is here. Cold mornings and warm afternoons greet the fly angler this time of year. The Truckee is fishing pretty well depending on the drift and the angler. There are some nice hatches on the LT and the MF Feather is fishing very well. Lake Davis is starting to get going and the opener at Pyramid Lake is right around the corner. Get out and enjoy the fine fall fishing!

Monday, July 29, 2013

A Guides Vacation

 A brief slow down in what has been an otherwise busy season allowed for a quick sojourn to fish a fantastic summer steelhead destination, the North Umpqua River.
 Upstream view from Mott Bridge.
 Brian firing a cast on a sexy piece of water.
 Another stunning piece of water.
 Breakfast beer? Why thank you:)
Stunning! Rip Rap Pool.
 Incredible sunset as viewed from Ledges Pool
 Shooter looking bored as Brian makes a cast at Bogus.
 Shooter hanging out with me as I pulse a skater on a classic tailout.
Yes!! I finally came tight to a nice fish in Lower Mott on a Coon Muddler swung on a sink tip. The line burned my fingers as this fish took its initial run. After a nice aerial display and another run a broken tippet led to an early release for a great fish. Wish I could have tailed this one!
Love this river and if the fishing gods allow I will head back for a few more days in August to try my luck again. Until then, visions of a large summer fish leaping out of the pool will have to hold my thoughts!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Mid Summer Report

Here are a few shots from my guides season thus far. Fishing has been good on a variety of waters from the Truckee to the MF Feather. Water temperatures are now playing a factor especially on the MF Feather and Lake Davis where it is now to warm to safely practice catch and release. There are still plenty of other waters that are in great shape and fishing well.

Hope everyone had a safe Fourth of July! See you on the water!