Monday, July 29, 2013

A Guides Vacation

 A brief slow down in what has been an otherwise busy season allowed for a quick sojourn to fish a fantastic summer steelhead destination, the North Umpqua River.
 Upstream view from Mott Bridge.
 Brian firing a cast on a sexy piece of water.
 Another stunning piece of water.
 Breakfast beer? Why thank you:)
Stunning! Rip Rap Pool.
 Incredible sunset as viewed from Ledges Pool
 Shooter looking bored as Brian makes a cast at Bogus.
 Shooter hanging out with me as I pulse a skater on a classic tailout.
Yes!! I finally came tight to a nice fish in Lower Mott on a Coon Muddler swung on a sink tip. The line burned my fingers as this fish took its initial run. After a nice aerial display and another run a broken tippet led to an early release for a great fish. Wish I could have tailed this one!
Love this river and if the fishing gods allow I will head back for a few more days in August to try my luck again. Until then, visions of a large summer fish leaping out of the pool will have to hold my thoughts!

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