Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Late March...

School has been a lot of work but I am still getting in some fishing time.I spent a few days on the coast last week chasing steelhead and while I didn't land any, I had one solid hookup and plenty of grabs to keep me satisfied.The rivers were in great shape and I was able to swing through some amazing runs.And the camping facility was awesome!

With the steelhead season ending my focus now switches to Pyramid.Fishing has been good lately and I was able to spend a fun day fishing with my wife a few weeks ago.She landed her first cutthroat and was all smiles!Her overall fly fishing skills improve each and every time we hit the water.All I can say is look out trout!

So winter returned this morning with snow but soon enough I'll be guiding on Lake Davis!A few early bookings has me confident that this will be my busiest season yet!


  1. Jay---Good to hear you're back in the Paiute saddle. I'll refer if I get an inquiry. Like you, we're getting some thick, wet snow in Truckee; great for the trout.

    Hoping the fly fishing bug lasts with your wife. There were several false starts with my wife...never stuck though.


  2. Frank-
    She is a fisherwoman through and through!We no longer take gear rods on our trips together!her newest passion is float tubing!

    Good luck this season!