Friday, July 29, 2011

Ahhh Summer!

Finally started wet wading this past week as summer showed up in full force.Started off on a scout trip to the North Yuba with Brian Slusser(Four Seasons Fly Fishing). The water is still running high but the water temps are in the upper 50's and the fish are looking up.We caught fish on big searching patterns(Turk's Tarantula and Stimulators) as well as high sticking little golden stones in the pocket water. There are little yellow sallies, golden stones and caddis hatching on the North Yuba right now and fish are holding in the shallow riffles and pocket water.

Next up was a great session on the MF Feather where I concentrated swinging soft hackle flies in the riffles and hooked over 20 fish in a few hours of fishing. These fish were aggressively taking the swung fly and it provided for a very enjoyable afternoon of fly fishing. There weren't many bugs on the water, but the flows are perfect and water temps are ideal for wet wading.

Now for the shitty part of the day...I found this mess left by some inconsiderate people at my favorite run along the MF Feather above Two Rivers Soccer Camp.

The MF Feather was designated a Wild and Scenic River in 1968 and is considered one of the most beautiful rivers in the entire state.To willfully leave behind garbage pisses me off to no end.The fact that I cleaned up one mess left at this same site 10 days previous to the discovery of this one leads me to believe it was made by the same folks.Please carry out your garbage and respect the earth that we call our home!

Here is a message I left for the litter bugs.

Anyways, the fishing is good to great depending on the day and the river.Get out and enjoy this fine summer here in the Northern Sierra!


  1. Jay---I concur with your sentiments inscribed on the log. Daily I'll pick-up at least one piece of trash. You do have to realize you may be talking to the choir on your blog.

    Nevertheless, glad you've brought this matter up...Nice post.

    Uncle Frank

  2. Thanks Frank! i went back today and was pleasantly surprised to see it cleaned up with only one full garbage bag remaining.I filled another bag and carried it out and dispersed the site.

  3. That's a really sad sight to see Jay. We go through the same thing on one of the local creeks down here in SoCal.

    On the other hand, twenty fish in a few hours sounds like a nice day.