Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lake Davis Report 6-5-11

With a bit warmer weather(it is still raining) and somewhat less wind I've been able to get out on Davis and have been pleasantly surprised. Fishing is actally pretty good with midging being on the verge of outstanding. Blood midges are hatching consistently providing for dry fly opportunities with fish eating both emergers/cripples and adults. For more consistent action a size 10 blood midge and a size 12 rootbeer under a bobber have been the way to go.

While the fish have been mostly smallish in the 14-16" range, a few larger fish are being hooked and the best news is these fish are clean! It seems the copopods from the past few years are gone and the only evidence of there presence are a few scars on some of the fish.

No sign of damsel's yet and with water temps in the low 50's it may be a while before they start their migration.If they don't show up, do not despair as midging will consistently catch fish.

I scouted the North Yuba last week and while I saw no fish and had no success it was still a great day.The river is high but clarity is good and there were a few golden stones flying around as well as some caddis.Another week or two and this awesome freestone river should start going off!

Get out and fish!

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