Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another lovely spring

More snow and rain fell this week here in the Northern Sierra's prolonging an already cool, wet,and windy spring. I got out a few days ago on a quick scouting mission of a few local favorite spots. First stop was Nelson Creek near Quincy. This small creek is raging and because one needs to be in the stream corridor to fish it , Nelson is on the wait a week or two and check back mode. The water clarity was good, but the flows are just too high and fast to be fished safely in my opinion.

Next stop on my exploration was the Middle Feather near Two Rivers Resort. This is my favorite run in this reach and while the flows were high it looked very fishy. Alas, I had no grabs but was happy with the promise that this high water year holds. I only saw a few midges and one creamy mayfly and no rising fish, but that should change with the river levels dropping and temps increasing.

We should start to see golden stoneflies, little yellow sallies, grey drakes, and a plethora of caddis flies hatching in the coming weeks.

With the another semester at FRC wrapping up I have been very busy writing papers and studying for finals. Taking a short break from a creative writing project, I was able to wet a line on Smithneck Creek near my house where I was able to catch a couple of little browns high sticking a prince nymph. This little creek is out of its banks in most places in the canyon but fish can be found in the slack water and pools in the meadows.

Back to the studies!


  1. Nice post Jay! We continue to endure a rough spring here in the Tetons, and in Island Park. 2 inches of snow predicted for today!
    Thats a really small trout! :-)

  2. Great info I just moved to Coldsprings so haven't been able to check these places out mgetting accyself. I dig the cave spot, but how about across the river to get up Jamison? Is it possible yet?

  3. Crossing the river is still iffy and a word to the wise...the stretch of the Jamison you are asking about is privately owned by the Two Rivers Soccer Camp.