Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Northern Sierra Fishing Report 6-17-14

 Mike with a nice rainbow from the Truckee

 Mike with a sweet Little Truckee rainbow

Michael with a pretty rainbow from the MF Feather

Camille and Michael after a fun day on the MF Feather

I have been on the Truckee and Little Truckee mostly over the past few weeks with a few trips on the MF Feather. The Truckee has been fantastic with fish eating PMD's caddis and stones fished on top as well as tight line nymphing. Pressure has been fairly light and fish can be found in a variety of water. Water temps and flows are still good.

Green Drakes and PMD's are rolling mid morning on the LT with fish being caught on nymphs, emergers/cripples and dries. If you dont see fish rising, tight line techniques are producing strikes. Flows are very good.

Things are getting interesting on the MF Feather with flows dropping rapidly. The good thing is that water temps are in the low 60's. Dry fly fishing with trico's, caddis, yellow sallies and stones is good to great depending on the day. Nymping with copper johns, pt's and iron sallies has been very productive as well.

The hex hatch at Lake Davis is in full swing but water temps are starting to become an issue.


  1. Water temps at Lake Davis as of 6/17 were 62 degrees on the surface and 57 12 feet down.

    1. Thanks for the update Jon. I have only been on the lake a couple times in the evening for the hex hatch. Last time the water felt super warm and I saw reports of 74* water temps last week. The colder weather must have brought temps down.