Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pyramid Lake Report 4-23-14

 Ed with a sweet Pilot Peak strain LCT

 Don's nice Summit Lake fish

 Gabe with a solid fish

 Toby with a great fish

 All smiles!

An average sized cutthroat

Fishing at Pyramid remains solid. On days with favorable onshore winds the bite has been good to great. We have been fishing the N Nets a lot as there are a ton of fish around but not many big fish. Midging has been the most productive but we did enjoy a pretty nice beetle bite this week as well where the fish were all over the popcorn beetle. Almost every cast had a grab or hooked fish. It was great to share this good fishing with clients. Water temps are creeping up into the mid 50's. We are not seeing as many big fish being caught but a friend caught a 15.5 pound fish the other day and I've heard rumors of a 20 pounder being caught last week. Flies that continue to produce are trojan midge, rootbeer float, white on wine, and the copper head. The usual suspects are still working for stripping but I really havent been stripping flies much these days.


  1. Nice post. How can you differentiate between summit lake fish and pilot peakers?

  2. Ryan
    If you look at the top two pics you can see the difference. Pilot's have a more rounded head shape and are generally a lighter color. The summits are more red, have an adipose fish and have a longer head.