Sunday, February 26, 2012

Early Spring

Winter has had a poor showing this year in the Northern Sierra and spring has been trying to force its welcome head into the door. Looks as if we might get some snow this week but it feel as as if it may be too little too late.

Lake Davis has a full pool at this time so it should be ok for the early season, but I would expect it to be pretty low come fall. The rivers will be tough to judge but expectations of any runoff must be tempered with the fact that there is barely a snowpack at this time.

The good news! Pyramid Lake should start picking up anyday now for trophy Lahonton Cutthroat. Some very large fish have been caught from shore the past few weeks and this should continue for a while. Check out this new website put together by Rob Anderson and Doug Oullette about Pyramid. A ton of great info can be found here.

Pray for snow, but if it doesn't come get out fishing early and often!

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