Thursday, April 28, 2011

General Trout Season Opener

With a banner snow year that has morphed into a cold, wet and windy spring the rivers and lakes of the Northern sierra's are looking very promising for the 2011 fishing season. The MF Feather is very high but has good color in the Beckworth to Graeagle reach. Streamer fishing is the name of the game right now. Fish em' on a heavy sink tip and swing through likely looking water. Remember, fish tend to hang close to the banks in the soft edges during high water. Bunny leeches in black and purple will work in low light conditions and on cloudy days. Try bright pinks and oranges if the flows color up.

Lake Davis is ice free with access on the east side all the way to Lightning Tree. The west side is still snow covered and will be a while before it is open to vehicular traffic. The boat launch at Honker has been plowed but the ramp has not been installed yet.Smaller boats are advised at this time as there is minimal turn around room. Flies that are producing right now include sheeps creeks, wiggle tails and buggers in black, cinnamon, and olive stripped on an intermediate line or a floater with a long leader.Midges and pheasant tails under a bobber are producing as well.

The Truckee is high but the color has been good and fish are being caught on a variety of flies from nymphs to streamers. Air temps are expected to rise next week so the river will most likely blow out. The Little Truckee has been fishing well lately but is already seeing a lot of angler traffic. Please stay off the redds of spawning fish and DO NOT fish to actively spawning fish!

Get out and make your own fishing report!

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