Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winter fishing options

Winter arrived in full force the week before Thanksgiving with lots of snow and some brutally cold temperatures for November. The temperatures have finally moderated, but local fishing options have become very limited. Access to the Truckee and Little Truckee is limited and I have not made it over that way lately so I have no first hand information. For stillwater enthusiasts the only game in town at this point is Pyramid Lake.

Needing to fill the void of not being on the water lately, I headed out to the big water to fish with my good friend Ernie. We met at the North Nets around 9 am and were fishing shortly after. Stripping beetles and buggers was the way to go and I had a decent day landing all 5 fish that I hooked.Ernie only had one fish and his friend Ed landed 3 of 6 that he hooked.Popcorn beetles were by far the best fly but a few fish came ate the old standby,a black wooly bugger. The fishing was pretty good by early winter standards and it was very nice to be out of the now for a few hours.

I have one more week of classes then the fall semester will be in the books! It has been a long,difficult semester and I am ready for a break. I am planning on a couple of steelhead trips during the break and will be fishing Pyramid a bit as well.

Get out there and fish!!

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