Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Feels like Fall

Got a chance at a few hours of personal fishing on the Truckee river the other day.I recently purchased a Skagit head for my 10' 6# single hander and wanted to try it out.The Truckee was the perfect destination to launch single handed spey bombs and swing a few runs.

The weather was a bit unsettled with rain showers and cool air temps.Felt like a good steelheading type of day.The first run I fished had a consistent current and swung very well.I had 4 grabs in this run but only hooked up with a log in mid current.I worked my way through another couple of runs that were ok but not exactly good swing water without any grabs,pecks nudges or bumps.

After working my way past a couple of white water sections I began swinging my way through a boulder strewn run.A couple of casts down my line came tight to a fish.As it rolled on the surface I knew I was into a nice fish.Then it ran right at me.I just reeled in keeping at tight line to the fish as it got closer..Not much of a fight so I grabbed the leader and led the fish into the shallows.Nice Fish!!

After a quick photo shoot I measured the fish at 22" and then released the gorgeous brown back into the river.I continued to swing my way downstream but had no other grabs.Satisfied with the new line and the one fish I called it a day and headed back to the truck.

This fall looks to be good for fishing with more water than most years and perfect water temps.Get out and fish!!

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