Friday, May 14, 2010

Lake Davis 5-13-10

Got out on the lake with new client Adam and his uncle Mark yesterday for a laughter filled day in the boat.It was Marks' first day fly fishing and by the end of the trip he was casting well and he even got to tangle with a fish!Unfortunately the fish broke him off after a short battle.Adam lost his only hooked fish shortly after the hookset.Each angler had multiple opportunities as fish were taking a #14 bead head PT under a bobber,but getting the fish hooked was challenging on this day.Next time will be better I am sure.All in all it was a great day!As far as wildlife goes,we saw ospreys,a bald eagle,canadian geese,pelicans and lots of other birds.

Water temps were 54 degrees and there were a good amount of blood midges hatching.The lake is way up from last year and it seems as though it will stay higher longer than last year.

Come on up!Let's fish!!

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